Adam Harrison Levy

An Interview With Philip Glass

In 2005, Adam Harrison Levy interviewed Philip Glass for a BBC documentary film about Chuck Close. Glass was seated in front of the monumental painting Phil. This is their exchange.

Jessica Helfand

Do Not Disturb

The accidental mercy of machines

Debbie Millman

Alain de Botton

Debbie talks to Alain de Botton about  love and sex.

The Editors

Secret Messages

Agnes Richter’s Straitjacket

Michael Bierut

All That Jazz: Posters by Niklaus Troxler

Niklaus Troxler’s jazz posters can be viewed as a single, self-initiated project that has developed over five decades, a body of work with few precedents.

Véronique Vienne

Hear a Pin Drop

Ying Gao’s Sensory Threads

The Editors

50 Books | 50 Covers Winners Announced

The best of the best

Micah Silver

In Paradise

The disco as social architecture

Debbie Millman

Chris Anderson

Debbie talks to Chris Anderson about how the TED conference has helped changed the way we learn.

Rob Walker

Listening to Retail

Disquiet Junto has been listening to retail, and it’s changing my ears.

The Editors

King of Pop

Alex Steinweiss

Jessica Helfand

This is What Character Looks Like

On eloquence, insistence, and the art of determination

Steven Heller

Art and Music: An Interview with Peter Blegvad

It’s all music

Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand

A Seat at the Table

The President needs a Cabinet-level Secretary of Design — or a design consigliere

Véronique Vienne

When the Soundtrack is the Message

Music supervisor Beth Urdang

Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand

Introducing Design at Yale School of Management

What does it mean to teach design in a business school?

Debbie Millman

Design Matters from the Archive: Isaac Mizrahi

Debbie talks to Isaac Mizrahi about why he loves fashion and why he does so many things outside of fashion.

Steven Heller

Mad Music

Back to a time before art, design, and humor had to be sophisticated to be good.

Blake Eskin

White Lines

Shared Earbuds

Rick Poynor

The Art of Punk and the Punk Aesthetic

Punk has two graphic histories: Punk: An Aesthetic and The Art of Punk. What conclusions do they draw?

Adam Harrison Levy

Soundies: An Interview with Robert Whitman

A rare conversation with an unheralded member of the ’70s New York art scene

Jessica Helfand

The Karaoke Effect

The illusory bubble populated by thousands of fame-seekers who fervently believe in their own righteous, if highly fictional talent.

Debbie Millman

Design Matters from the Archive: Julia Turshen

Debbie talks to Julia about cooking and writing, and how to peel a hard-boiled egg.

The Editors

In Summer

Breaking out the flip-flops at Design Observer

Michael Bierut

Seymour, An Introduction

In a world of design consultants, information architects, and experience planners, Seymour Chwast is something refreshingly old-fashioned: a commercial artist.

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