The Editors

News from Elsewhere

From Tokyo to Paris

Giorgio Maffei

Munari's Books

Books as a means of expression

VĂ©ronique Vienne

Graphique de la Rue

Typographic Splendor as Propaganda

Adam Harrison Levy

The History of Being Found

Life before Street View

Rick Poynor

Exposure: Children at Play in the City by Shirley Baker

The freedom of the street

Debbie Millman

Design Matters From The Archive: Marion Deuchars

Debbie talks to illustrator and author Marion Deuchars about the expressiveness of hand-lettering, about how drawing is an intense form of looking, and the limited value of technology in teaching art to children.

The Editors

News from Elsewhere

Late summer edition

John Foster

A New Life in Fine Art

The collages of Lou Beach

Bonnie Siegler

Dear Bonnie

Sources of Inspiration

Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand

Over the Rainbow

Rainbows, selfie sticks, and the flag of New Zealand

Rob Walker

Human-Scale Intervention

How Rotten Apple’s human-scale design interventions use built-environment cast-offs to enhance the built environment

Rick Poynor

Exposure: Rossellini and Lynch by Helmut Newton

A primal lovers’ tryst

Debbie Millman

Design Matters From the Archive: Louise Fili

Debbie talks to Louise Fili about designing book covers, designing for restaurants, about why she prefers working for small businesses, and about the importance of sketching.

John Foster

Brown Cows and Hush Puppies

Advertising mascots through the ages

Bonnie Siegler

Three Reasons: World on a Wire

Fassbinder’s 1973 paranoid take on the future.

Steven Heller

The Many Meanings of K

Let me count the Ks 

Rick Poynor

Exposure: Woman Mailing a Letter by Clifton R. Adams

The spell of vintage color

Debbie Millman

Design Matters From The Archive: Massimo Vignelli

Debbie talks to Massimo Vignelli about his favorite typeface, his fight against vulgarity in his design, and what he means by forceful design.

The Editors

The Ask: 13K

Books are a tried-and-true technology, requiring no plugs or updates or compatibility checks. We believe that books still matter. And so should you.

The Editors

The Ask: 17K

In 2011, two young, driven designers decided that the 50 | 50 competition—threatened as it was at that moment with extinction—was worth fighting for.

John Foster

Weird Science

Digital treasures from the world of science

The Editors

The Ask: 21K

$25k down, $20k to go

Bonnie Siegler

Dear Bonnie

Baffled in Buffalo

The Editors

The Ask: 23K

A book about books.

Adrian Shaughnessy

Credit Check

In the age of collaboration how do we cater to the fundamental desire for recognition?

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