Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand

150 Years, 7 Minutes, 6 Seconds

Visualizing business data, a logo to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, and more.

Timothy Young

Insect Men

The Art of Pochoir and the two Messieurs Séguys

Emily King

Thoughts on Adapting

Five Issues of Studio International

Rick Poynor

Exposure: Flypaper and Flies by Jacques-André Boiffard

A cold eye on insect carnage

Debbie Millman

Chris Ware

Debbie Millman talks to graphic novelist Chris Ware about how Charles Schultz, George Herriman, and Art Spiegelman figured into his life and career, and why empathy is fundamental to his work.

Adam Harrison Levy

Death’s Bloom

From 1913 to 1971, 5,121 mentally ill patients were cremated. Nineteen of them were soldiers. This weekend they were buried with military honors.

The Editors

News from Elsewhere

Skateboards, steam engines, and the Silk Road


(in)Fringe 04: Dissident Noise

Ai Weiwei in Alcatraz

Michael Bierut

Seymour, An Introduction

In a world of design consultants, information architects, and experience planners, Seymour Chwast is something refreshingly old-fashioned: a commercial artist.

John Foster

Deft doodling

The inner life of illustrators

Wim Crouwel + Jan van Toorn

The Debate, Part 4

The Stamps

Bonnie Siegler

Dear Bonnie: Fretting in Fredericksburg

This week Dear Bonnie gives an unhappy designer advice on contracts, fees, and client management.

Virginia Shou

Thesis Book Story: Virginia Shou


Michael Bierut, Jessica Helfand

East Meets West

Or collaboration vs. “one person making one thing at one time”

Wim Crouwel + Jan van Toorn

The Debate, Part 3

The catalogues

Joanna Radin

Doctor's Orders

The latest issue of Esopus looks at medicine and creativity

Rick Poynor

Exposure: The Gamble by Peter Kennard

The clandestine operations of power

Debbie Millman

Audrey Arbeeny

Recorded live at "What Design Sounds Like," Debbie talks to Audrey Arbeeny about audio branding.

Wim Crouwel + Jan van Toorn

The Debate, Part 2

Grids v Intuition

Steven Heller


The risk-taking magazines of Ralph Ginzburg

Chris Pullman

Dan Friedman, Radical Modernist, Part 5

Words to live by

The Editors

News from Elsewhere

Weekly readings

John Foster

Strange Worlds

The Work of Kevin Lucbert

Chris Pullman

Dan Friedman, Radical Modernist, Part 4

Dan in the Citi

Wim Crouwel + Jan van Toorn

The Debate

A forty-year-old conversation is finally brought to light for English readers

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